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One of the most common sources for disappointment as well as inspiration in printing is the misprint.


The reason for misprints a manifold, sometimes they are simple mistakes but sometimes they are a profound mystery. With the digital tools available in contemporary print workshops, the glitch and the bug are now found along widows, orphans and blitzer. Creating even more mysteries and a myriad of options for things to go surprisingly wrong and to innovate.


Misprints are a way to discover alternatives, they are unpredictable and part of the unique creative processes within printmaking and printmedia. Artists that value the misprint develop ways to turn failure into success.


By focusing on the different strategies to take advantage of failure the opportunities that are inherent to the misprint will become apparent. These strategies may be individual achievements but they might also be the result of a tradition of the printmaking workshops or they might be based on an approach that is part to the cultural background.


The cooperation project “ずれた – the misprint” will bring young artists from different continents together to explore how they deal with the unpredictable in the creative process and how the draw inspiration from failure.

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