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Small unimportant errors: Six images taken of six different angles placed separately side by side but not in sequence. The gap between each two of them creates the illusion of a lapse of time or brakes. The images are organized almost like a kaleidoscope set from a mirrored geometric structure. Branches of the trees cross one another, reflect themselves and sometimes they give the illusion of continuity. In the nearest time this illusion fades away and chaos comes up as well as small unevenness breaking pictures alignment. The other work (The pulse of all time) joins the same six pictures superposed. This way the layers interweave, connect themselves, drift away from each other and create many lights and textures. It is like this superposition could bring about a time of condensation in spite of the dispersion caused by the previous images. Everything begins to happen at the same moment, at the same place, like a dense and blurred sum of images. There is no gap between frames, considering a continuous sequence, as in cinema, but a procedure which retains everything in just one place, the paper. Thus the artist creates dimensions which could not be possible with each image singly.

Cauê Alves

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