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In this special moment in contemporaneity, we see in artistic doing an enormous permeability in the use of procedures and materials, at the same time as it presents a lack of paradigms. In a dynamic that is in constant mutation, there has never been a time when production has been so abundant and in such different manners, with no preponderant aesthetics. This exhibition means to gather works from a group of artists in a specific approach, that glimpse into a small segment of what is being currently produced in Brazilian art.

Artistic production in contemporaneity is based on diversity. In this exhibition we tried to gather a variety of procedures that work towards the poetics and individuality present in the research of visual arts. The exhibition was thought of and shows itself as one of many possible indentures in numerous productions that we see nowadays, diverse both in their poetic investigations as in their technical matters and materials used. The focus of the exposed works is uneven, showing an eclecticism without preponderant aesthetics, with no canon or established patterns. This is exactly the character that makes them rich and attractive. Aesthetic matters are timeless, despite the ample age group of the artists, who come from different generations, they interact and cohabit satisfactorily in the present time.

Besides the fact that they are all female artists, they all show inherent qualities, opposing joviality and experimentation with maturity and formal knowledge. Each of them, in their own manner, shows in their production explicit qualities that respond to current poetic matters. It is the individual reflecting the universal, and reverberating in the collective, providing sensitive work, that is blunt, instigating and innovative.



Sergio Niculitcheff


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