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The fluidity and impermanence of water in its shapes and reflections, its images and its materiality signify the means and the route of this work. Its continuous movement – contours, wrinkles, ripples – constitutes, to me, a metaphor of time.

As I engraved, pressing the gouge on the wood, I also thought of the V-shaped bows on boats, opening their ways through the water. Wooden veins, water veins. Surfaces that communicate.

The rain on the sea. We lose the sharpness of things. The line of the horizon fades, fusing sea and sky. Distances.

And even when water is not present in the images in a concrete way, it guides the possible meanings that may emerge – multiple and different perspectives, that which escapes us.

It may all be a vain attempt, since it’s contradictory – it is, after all, born from the desire to capture its transitory character.

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