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Charivari is a collective of artists from Brazil that since 2005 publishes zines, promote workshops and make exhibitions and other activities. The founders of the first editions are: Andrés Sandoval, Daniel Bueno, Fabio Zimbres, Fernando Almeida, Fernando Vilela, José Silveira, Laura Teixeira, Luana Geiger, Madalena Elek, Marcelo Salum, Bel Falleiros, Mariana Zanetti e Silvia Amstalden.
The current group is composed by: Carol Grespan, Daniel Bueno, Fabio Zimbres, Fernando de Almeida, Luana Geiger, Madá Elek, Marcelo Salum, Marilia Scharlach and Silvia Amstalden.

Charivari 13 is a 130-page cyan and black print book with 12 guests who presented works on visual chronics and daily life.

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