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“What is beyond glass and membranes on empty walls, between the droplets, in reflections, in the shadows?”

With works by Ana Calzavara, Celina Yamauchi, Márcia Cymbalista and Marco Buti, the exhibition “Baixa” (“Low”) opens on November 13th at the Virgílio Gallery, showcasing the recent production from these artists. There are drawings, engravings, photographs and paintings that share the preference for the discreet gestures, for a non-rhetoric and for the view that pays attention to the subtlety of little variations and differences.

The paintings by Calzavara, that at first glimpse dialogue with the constructive tradition by bringing elements of geometrical nature, also reveal a pictorial matter that is rich in nuances, be it in the tones, in the gestures or even in the thinnings that end up aggregating an idea that opposes (and complements) the precision and pure rigor initially attached to the geometrical way of thinking. In the photographs that the artist present we notice the same constructive structure underlying to the images, which is equally questioned and opposed by an opaque reading, not very clear at first, but that, little by little, allows itself to be unveiled.

The selection of photographic imagens presented by Celina Yamauchi brings its investigation directed to the digital system, where it looks to associate the qualities of captured light and interpreted to the chromatic and tonal values in photographic impressions by inkjet. The assembly with paper strips hanging like a clothes line dialogues with the work’s ethereal values.

The series “Portas de enrolar” (“Rolling doors”) by Marcia Cymbalista consists of twenty separate works, produced from 2014 to today. At the edge between drawing and painting, the egg tempering serves as a background for many interventions with metal points (gold, silver, copper and brass). Some of the tools that were used were adapted from drawing and engraving tools, as well as day to day objects. In updating this centuries-old procedure, that works with the oxidation of the lines and its consequential changes in color, the works suggests the coexistence between different times.

The video work by Marco Buti called “que fazer da chuva, da sombra e da brisa” (“what to make of the rain, the shade and the breeze”) was initiated in 2011 with the caption of the first scene. The title came to be in the current year, adapted from a flyer for a theatrical play in Brussels in 2015. To this point there are 10 sequences, edited with a basic editing software, with no forecast as to the possible continuity of the work.

The engraving series “atacamachaça” is a work initiated in 2012 with a single copper matrix that has been successively altered till today, without the intention of drawing any conclusions from the pieces.

Although immerse in their particular poetics, the four artists show the same appreciation for the rift that nests the low voice (or even silence itself) to the grandiloquence of great speeches.

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