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“4 Artistas Paulistas“: Recent works by Ana Calzavara, Márcia Cymbalista, Celina Yamauchi and Marco Buti
Curatorship and editing: Teodoro Stein Carvalho Dias

The Moreira Salles Institute of Poços de Caldas presents the exhibition “4 Artistas Paulistas”, which brings together works by Ana Calzavara, Celina Yamauchi, Marcia Cymbalista and Marco Buti, and gives continuity to “Baixa” exhibition, taken by the artists at Galeria Virgílio - S. Paulo, in 2018.

This gathering of works of a very distinct character in their procedures has a unity that runs through the exhibition and makes this grouping possible and enriching. Paintings, drawings, photographs, prints and videos share common poetic qualities, and an appreciation for drawing in processes of intimate making, more concerned with uncovering subtleties than causing stridences.

The source of images of Ana Calzavara's work is the city and its developments. The photographic records captured in her urban itineraries structure her painting in a continuous exercise of synthesis of the landscape in favor of its pictorial language. The photographs that accompany the set reinforce the hybrid character of these two Visual Arts media.

When defining her choices in drawings-paintings using egg tempera and metal tip (silver, gold, copper), Marcia Cymbalista constructs a series of small format works, which she gives the name “Portas de Enrolar”, almost abstractions that they borrow Renaissance techniques from the History of Art to reveal issues of time, so dear to the repertoire of Contemporary Art.

Celina Yamauchi presents digital photographs and inkjet prints on paper of urban images that bring, in their burden of mystery, a refined mastery of light that causes transcendence in what would be commonplace without this knowledge. The long strips of white paper that receive these prints, which lend themselves so much to the Japanese tradition of using this material, give the indispensable lightness to the poetic manifestation of the work.

An engraver and traveler, Marco Buti produces prints, photographs and videos that rest on the essence of these experiences. The passage of an extended time, captured in the series of engravings whose matrices change and in the records of videos edited in a set, has no intention of constituting reports. Rather, they reveal the keen and poetic look of the artist when experiencing the world beyond four walls.


Teodoro Stein Carvalho Dias

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