The idea of an idyllic nature, which invites contemplation, in contrast to a control system, a radar that sees and inspects everything, permeates the reflections of the new show by artist Ana Calzavara. It is Beyond the Horizon, a solo show that debuts on February 17 at Galeria Marília Razuk, in which the artist presents to the public an unprecedented set of paintings, digital prints (images manipulated by herself) and wood engravings - some of which were engraved by artist herself, and others, reinterpretations of the “carving by hand” of previous works, now made with a laser machine, proposing a reflection between manual and mechanical gesture.

There are works that are very relational, such as the painting Revoada (2021), from which Ana unfolds the original image into several others (digital images and engraving) and in this way the meaning is composed from the interaction of various media, more or less materials, which result in different perceptions. “What in painting is almost a romantic image is diluted in fingerprints”, explains the artist. In this and other works, Ana Calzavara combines antagonistic references and invites the visitor to experience the same.

The title of the exhibition alludes to the well-known song by Roberto Carlos that brings the imagination of an untouchable place, to be reached for the full enjoyment of the pleasure of being in the midst of nature. Simultaneously, it also alludes to Over The Horizon, a high-tech radar system restricted to a few countries - Brazil among them. Located in the extreme south of the country, on a beach that is difficult to access and controlled by the Brazilian Navy, the system detects targets and movements over long distances, tens of thousands of kilometers, beyond the visual horizon.

“This counterpoint of desire and impossibility caught my attention. And it is also a synonym for situations that we experience daily, especially in this moment of ‘waiting’ for the world and, even more, for Brazil in relation to the presidential elections at the end of this year. More than that, it brings a reflection of art itself as a thick, deeper experience”, reflects Ana Calzavara.

The artist’s conception of Beyond the Horizon is also based on readings of works by authors Byung Chun-Han, Liv Strömquist and Ben Lerner. These authors, in particular ways, also reflect on the impact of digital media on our lives, transforming our behavior, our perception and our thinking. Art is a fundamental place in these times, able to greatly strengthen our contemplative capacity and at the same time lead us to a state of presence and criticality.